Brothters War

by Gauntlet Hobbies - Angola

Release Information - Angola Set booster boxes - $130.00 tax included ($121.49) Bundle packs - $48.00 tax included ($44.86) If both a set booster and bundle pack are prepaid and reserved by November 7th, the price of $160 for both items, tax included will be applied ($149.53) Draft Booster boxes- $115.00 Tax included ($107.48) Collectors Booster boxes - $250.00 Tax included ($233.65) Jumpstart Booster boxes - $115.00 Tax included ($107.48) Commander Sets (2 commanders) - $70 Tax included ($65.42) Sealed case (six Draft boxes) - $650 tax included Sealed case (six Set boxes) - $725 tax included Event entry cost is $30 per seat per event. Limited seating is available so please reserve your seats! Event Schedule and times are as follows: (subject to change or be canceled) Friday November 11th 6pm - Sealed Saturday November 12th 2pm - Sealed Saturday November 12th 6pm - Two-Headed Giant Sealed Sunday November 13th 2pm - Sealed Sunday November 13th 6pm - Two-Headed Giant Sealed With current financial and supply chain constraints, we STRONGLY suggest pre ordering all Magic: The Gathering products. We have all had issues ensuring that we will have what you want on release day, and especially now that you can get any product you want on release day, it adds an extra financial burden to ALL Local Games Stores Nationwide.

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