Modern Horizons 3 Prerelease

by Gauntlet Hobbies - Angola

Are you ready to join in on the excitement of our upcoming events? The entry fee is set at $55 per seat per event, offering you the opportunity to participate in thrilling competitions and showcase your skills. With limited seating available, it's essential to secure your spot in advance to avoid missing out on the action!

Friday, June 7 @ 6PM - Sealed Event

Mark your calendars for Friday, June 7th at 6PM for our Sealed event. This format challenges players to build a deck on the spot using a limited pool of cards. Test your deck-building abilities and strategic gameplay in this intense competition.

Saturday, June 8 @ 2 PM - 2-Headed Giant Sealed Event

On Saturday, June 8th at 2 PM, gather a partner and team up for our 2-Headed Giant Sealed event. Work together with your teammate to conquer opponents and claim victory in this unique format. Collaboration and communication are key to success in this exciting event.

Remember, all event schedules are subject to change or cancellation. Stay updated on any modifications to the schedule to ensure you don't miss out on any of the action-packed events we have in store for you.


• Play Booster boxes - $280.00 tax included ($261.69)

• Play Booster case (6 boxes) - $1,575.00 tax included ($1,471.96)

• Collector Booster boxes - $400.00 tax included ($373.84)

• Collector Booster case (6 boxes) - $2,200 tax included ($2,056.07)

• Bundle packs - $75.00 tax included ($70.10)

• Commander sets (4 commander decks) - $225.00 tax included ($210.28)

• Collector Commander set (4 commander deck) - $550.00 tax included ($514.02)

If both a Play Booster box and a Bundle pack are prepaid and reserved by June 4th, the price of $340.00 for both items will be applied. ($317.76

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