Battletech: Clan Heavy Star Mini Pack

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     Common Clan knowledge holds that OmniMechs are superior to second-line BattleMechs. But these 'Mechs break that rule, offering a lethal combination of armor and firepower that can give any OmniMech a runs for its money.

    Unleash the Clan Heavy Star on your enemies! Stone Rhino, Supernova, Marauder IIC, Warhammer IIC, and Hunchback IIC (no assembly required) along with five MeechWarrior pilot cards and five Alpha Strike cards.

    Plastic components.

    Approximate Height
    Stone Rhino: 50mm
    Hunchback: 44mm
    Marauder: 48mm
    Supernova: 48mm
    Warhammer: 52mm

    5 Miniatures
    ‣ Stone Rhino
    ‣ Hunchback IIC
    ‣ Marauder IIC
    ‣ Supernova
    ‣ Warhammer IIC
    5 MechWarrior Cards
    5 Alpha Strike Cards
    Miniatures are supplied unpainted and pre-assembled.

    - $30.00

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