Warhammer 40k Combat Patrol: Orks

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    The Orks love nothing more than charging headlong into the fury of combat, bellowing "Waaagh!" at the top of their lungs and letting loose with whatever weapons they can lay their hands on. They live for battle, and their apocalyptic migratory invasions lay waste to whole sub-sectors of the galaxy as they drown their enemies in a green tide of bloodshed, violence, and destruction.

    If the sound of plunging enthusiastically into the maelstrom of combat appeals to you, Combat Patrol: Orks is the perfect place to start or expand your army. The contents of this set have been specifically chosen to provide you with an ideal force for Combat Patrol-sized games – approximately 25 Power Level's worth of miniatures.

    This set includes the following multipart plastic units:

    – 1x Warboss in Mega Armour
    – 20x Ork Boyz
    – 3x Deffkoptas
    – 1x Deff Dread

    The above units are supplied with 1x 50mm round base, 20x 32mm round bases, 3x 75mm oval bases, 1x 60mm round base, and an Ork transfer sheet.

    These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly – we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel paints.

    Key Features

    • A key selection of Ork units perfect for starting or expanding an army
    • A Combat Patrol-sized force in a box, designed to save you money!
    • Contains 25 multipart plastic models

    - $136.00

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