Warhammer The Old World: Old World Dice Set

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    Across the Old World, mighty monarchs and powerful warlords raise glorious armies and grim hordes without number. But they each know one thing to be true – you can't win a battle without a little luck.

    This set includes 20 The Old World themed dice. They are cast in pearlescent blue swirl colouring, with gold ink markings. The D6 dice proudly feature a Ghal Maraz warhammer icon, on the '6' face of each dice.

    Contains 20x 16mmx16mmx16mm dice:

    – 18x The Old World D6 dice
    – 1x Artillery dice (labelled 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, Misfire)
    – 1x Scatter dice

    - $40.00

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